Front protection

GOTO's GOTO Components and Systems are protected against varying levels of dust and water ingress, from simple IP40 protection to tougher IP69K resistance against high-pressure water jets and steam cleaning.

GOTOs are also always tested for their protection against vandalism, which is particularly critical in public transport, private transport and vending machine applications.

Switch ratings

GOTO products are capable of switching all voltages in the ‘low-voltage’ range. Our silver-coated contacts are suitable for voltages in the medium and upper low-voltage ranges, while our gold-flashed and ‘low-level’ contacts are suitable for low voltage control signal switching.

This variety of contacts enables reliable switching of voltages across a wide range.

Mounting cut-outs

GOTO actuators and indicators match the internationally standardized mounting cut-outs with diameters of 8mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22.5mm and 30.5mm, and are suitable for flat and raised versions.

We also offer square and rectangular cut-outs.

Connection systems

GOTO offers a wide variety of terminals. We provide our products with screw terminals, plug-in terminals, double plug-in terminals, soldered terminals, push-in terminals and Printed Circuit Board mounting.

The range of products covers all commonly used applications. The most appropriate connection method is determined by the application.




Standards and certifications establish which materials and technologies are used and how operational security and personal safety are assured. They are statements of quality assurance that certify compliance with the most stringent national and international standards.

GOTO products and systems meet the latest relevant standards across the globe. Compliance with international standards in conjunction with extensive product testing makes GOTO a proven and reliable partner for the planning, development and implementation of your optimized GOTO solutions.


GOTO places considerable value on aesthetic, intuitive, modern, and ergonomic product design that corresponds to the high demands of international customers and markets. Similarly, great attention is also paid to functionality, haptics and reliability. Thanks to the seamless fusion of GOTO’s core design beliefs – “form, fit, function and fun” – the company’s products are regularly presented with renowned international design awards.


GOTO uses the most appropriate materials for the application. Customers can choose a variety of plastic- or metal-fronted products. This diversity allows GOTO products to be optimized for harsh environmental conditions, thus maintaining an appealing design with a high degree of protection against vandalism. Products comply with industry-specific and international standards as well as safety and security regulations.